The use of Video Conference technology over the internet constitutes a privileged communication under an attorney/client relationship.


During our video consultation session, I will be speaking exclusively with you. I am an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan. Therefore, our session is a one-on-one, "PRIVILEGED" attorney/client communication. As such, your consultation with me is encrypted and completely secure, just as if you were seated in my law firm.


If you are a prospective new client to my firm, you will be asked to provide your credit card information. This information is requested not only to verify your identity (that you are over the age of 18), but also for any agreed cost of the consultation or to accommodate your desire and option to remit payment via credit or debit card in the event that you retain my firm’s legal services.


My law firm generally provides legal services at a “flat fee” that you and I agree upon. Therefore, my clients that have retained my law firm enjoy the privilege and comfort of knowing that future Video Conference communications are available free of charge. Details of the initial Video Conference fee, if any, and fees for Retention shall be discussed between me and you as my firm’s prospective client before the encrypted/privileged consultation begins.


If you are a current client of my law firm then you will NOT be required to provide any credit card information when you use this service. You will simply need to enter your matching name and email address set forth in your retainer agreement. Thereafter, you may then ignore the program’s credit card information request and click the “submit” feature after you have entered your name and email address.


We will be able to see and hear one and another during our video conference. Depending on your computer, you may need to use a microphone and/or outside speakers (headset). Note, in order for us to see one another during our “Video” Conference then you must have or obtain video camera functioning capabilities on your computer. You will need:


  • A laptop, tablet, desktop (with camera and speakers) or Android devices
    (Apple does not support WebRTC);

  • Available on Chrome, FireFox, IE or Safari (plugins must be used for IE and Safari)
    (Edge is not compatible with WebRTC; and,

  • A credit card will be needed to verify that you are over the age of 18.


It is my firm’s desire and wish that our first consultation answers your questions and that you elect to retain my law firm’s legal services. My law firm appreciates this opportunity to offer all the legal advice and counsel of my education, knowledge and experience for your convenience and guidance. If you have any additional questions that you wish to discuss, then I invite you to continue to use video conferencing or inquire about additional methods of communication that my law firm offers.



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