Video Conferencing

The video conferencing works from your and the client's browser. It is designed specifically for lawyers.

The video conferencing solution keeps track of the billable time, freeing you to focus on your client's needs. It displays this accumulated time and the charge for the client so they can monitor their costs.

You will click a button to enable a "privileged" mode which will clearly indicate to the client when it is OK to speak freely.

You will be alerted if another client is waiting, and the waiting client will see an estimate for how long the wait will be.

You can select and change, at your convenience, messages which will appear on the client side video at various times during the video conference.

At the conclusion of the video conference, you will be able to charge for your conference by selecting the "charge" button. The transaction will be processed directly into your bank account through NetLaw's merchant processing service.

All of this happens on your website. Your client does not see NetLaw at any time during your video conference. Prior to or after the video conference, the client is free to explore your website to see other services you offer. We encourage attorneys to recommend the client bookmark your site for future video conferences or for future referral to an attorney they now trust.