Who We Are

  • NetLaw is a video conferencing solution written by lawyers and exclusively for the use of lawyers. It offers a simple and intuitive video conference solution that runs seamlessly on the lawyer's website. This feature establishes the lawyer's credibility from the very beginning of the conference.
  • After the conference has begun, the lawyer can select the privileged mode at any time. When selected, the client is aware the communication is now "privileged" by a change in the client side video. Selecting the privileged mode also begins the time for which the lawyer will charge for the consultation by billing the client's credit card through the NetLaw merchant processing feature.
  • Video conferencing allows an attorney to be available for new clients and their existing clients any time the lawyer has access to an internet connection. At NetLaw, we've made this possible by addressing all of the issues of security, scheduling, privilege, billing, and merchant processing, leaving you free to provide the professional services you can now offer online.
  • Explore our website to see how easily and conveniently NetLaw can provide video conferencing for your law firm.